Wife By Force Excerpt!


Dante’s deep voice jerked her attention away from the contemplation of the aqua waves. He stood at the edge of the pool, barefoot, his silk shirt damp. The blue fabric lovingly clung to his heavy shoulders and strong arms. The expression on his face was fierce, intent.

She shivered in the water.

Perhaps she wouldn’t have to make the first move after all. Apparently, her new husband had suddenly remembered what a honeymoon was supposed to be about.

His stare pinned her in the water. She watched with helpless fascination as his hands moved to the top of his shirt and began to unbutton.

One button. His strong neck and collarbone glistened with sweet sweat.

Two. The curve of his pectorals was taut and clear. A faint wisp of black hair shadowed his muscles, hinting at his masculine virility.

Her breathing escalated.

Three. The wisp of hair became a band, an arrow pointing down to the beginning of his abdomen. Her nipples hardened beneath the slow lap of the water.

Four. He jerked the edges of his shirt out of his pants and parted the fabric, uncovering his small, brown nipples, tight and drawn. Dark hair swirled around them and her mouth watered.

Five. His shirt slipped totally open, revealing his firm stomach, the deep darkness of his navel, the beginning of his hip bone. Black hair graced the flat planes of his lower abdomen. She sucked in a sharp breath and pressed her back to the cool tile, stifling the desire to grab him and pull him into the water so she could touch.

Slipping the silk shirt off, he threw it on a wicker chair, while keeping his hot gaze pinned to her face.

Lara swallowed hard. Avoiding his stare, she allowed herself the pleasure of looking her fill. His shoulders were heavy with muscle, his biceps cut and clean. His broad chest tapered down to a tight waist, not an ounce of extra flesh hiding the musculature of a man in his prime. Clearly, her husband did not spend all his time behind a desk. She truly could just stare at him for the rest of the night.

Dante had other ideas.

His hands moved to his belt.

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